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History Of Maithili Matrimony

Saurath is a village situated 6 km North East of Madhubani town in Madhubani District of Bihar. It is a popular place where thousands of Maithili Brahmins converge to fix marriage during the marriage season. People belonging to Maithili Brahmin community gather at Saurath Sabha Gachchhi (Sabha means congregation and Gachchhi mean orchard in Maithili). This gathering is an annual event held in the Hindu calendar months of Jyestha-Aasadh. It is an important social congregation where the marriages of Maithili boys and girls are fixed in accordance to the horoscope reading done by the Panjikars(Registrars).It is organized in an orchard covering 22 bighas of land that was donated by the Maharaja of Darbhanga.

Mithila has always enjoyed a proud history. It is especially appreciated for its contribution to the field of arts, science, languages, technology and deep rooted culture. The people associated with the renowned Mithila society have always been celebrated the world over. In the historic days, Muslim rulers attacked the peaceful land of Mithila city, around 500 years of their ruling period and then the British rule of another 200 years – all of these have contributed to the derailment of rooted culture and civilization which Mithila city stood for in the world. The most important thing to note is that despite these attacks on the deep rooted culture of Mithila, the people of this holy city came out as a winner. Since they managed to save their tradition, way of doing things and their cultures which originally set them apart from the ‘herd’. And very interestingly, Mithila city never closed its door when the option for modernity came knocking. People of this community have always stood together and voted for the positive development, advancement and modernity in the society.

With the change, dynamism slowly crept into the society and Mithila community couldn’t escape it. So, the people had no choice but to migrate to various corners of the country and abroad. Today, people from this community are spread all over the world and not just in India. Most importantly, even though people might be physically far away from their motherland but the love for her is still burning bright. And this is something the Mithila community is very proud of. There are many smaller groups of people from this community who ensured to get together on a regular basis and keep the connections between them alive and well. These small units are present globally and work towards a common mission of the Mithila fraternity.

Maharashtra is a great land. It is a land of Chhatrapati Shivaji and the saint Tukaram. This part of India is fortunate to have had the blessings of one of the finest warriors and arguably the greatest saint the world has ever seen. There is a significant presence of the Maithili community in Maharashtra and they are working in sync with the philosophy to contribute significantly toits holistic development. This community had to fight many internal battles along the way for almost half a century now. To address these pressing problems of this community, it is very important to reach to the top of the social justice system or judicial system or even to the higher offices to help them in their fight for survival. But then, it’s a truism that not everyone can reach there unless the people from this community decide to act as ‘one’. Our history is replete with glittering examples of teamwork. It is better to work as One Team rather than rely on a single strong personality to resolve the problems faced by this community.

There is a Mumbai-based Maithili community which is instrumental in working towards a common mission, a common goal of service and development of others. People have also felt the need for holistic development, and hence a further need to develop a close bond between the community members. It is of paramount importance to stand together as ‘One Team’. There is a popular adage in English – ‘United we stand and divided we fall’ and the fraternity follows this intently. People have proposed that the Maharashtra Maithili community should act as an umbrella organization where there will be a collection of smaller units of people.

It is a very happy moment for the Maithili fraternity to note that a collective effort to build an umbrella organization is already underway, and it is taking shape as desired. This umbrella organization aims to bring all the small collection of groups of Maithili community from all parts of Maharashtra under its wings.

The Maithili community is a garden where countless flowers have bloomed and spread their fragrance across India and the world. Time has now come to pick every individual flower and transform it into a garland, which will be proudly worn by the entire Maithili fraternity.